The Giving Room is a place where we can remind each other that we have something valuable to offer the world, whether it be a smile, a lament, a listening ear, a helping hand, a story of resiliency, or an honest word. We believe that each person is beloved by God and is worthy of being treated with dignity and respect.

We seek to engage our neighbors in their physical, spiritual and relational needs. We do this through compassionate acceptance, resource-sharing and food distribution in a safe, non-discriminatory space, motivated by the love of Jesus.

Our History

When Epic Life Church first started meeting in the building that is now called “The Axis”, there was already a history of food giving at the church. A family at the church formed a partnership with a nearby Safeway grocery store and brought leftover foods to the school that would meet at the church and offer it to neighborhood families as well.

Food would be left outside in boxes and those invited could pick food from the boxes. Over time, the remaining drivers could no longer get the food from the store and the church was left with the decision to continue or not. Epic Life Church decided to step into this ministry to meet the mission of blessing the North Aurora neighborhood where the church has been placed.

With the help of ministry teams and the church, the downstairs areas of the church were transformed into a food bank and cafe area.

We adopted the name The Giving Room, because this food bank is a place where we—guests and volunteers alike—can be reminded that we have something valuable to give the world, whether it be a smile, a lament, a listening ear, a helping hand, a story of resiliency, an honest word. We are deeply committed to holistic, dignity-imparting, compassionate care of our neighborhood.

Neighbors have been coming every week to receive and give: food, conversations, prayer and more.

Partnerships have been formed in North Seattle and Western Washington to supply food and resources for The Giving Room to continue, including:

Food Lifeline / Feeding Washington / Feeding America

Seattle Food Committee

Seattle Human Services Coalition

Washington Food Coalition

Solid Ground

Deeply committed volunteers 

Our Mission

The Giving Room exists to be God’s extended arms to embrace, build up and provide for our neighborhood in their physical, relational and spiritual needs.

We seek to be prayerfully present with those on the margins, with an openness both to be personally transformed by these relationships and to be used by God to bring our neighbors closer to His heart, one step at a time.

We offer food, friendship, prayer, and a door into a safe community.

Our Vision

We desire to see our neighborhood thrive in a holistic way.

We would love your support!

Can you pitch in your time and talent?

Would you like to give something else?