We recognize that we are one small part of our caring community. Here are several local resources that can also be of help to you. We will add to this list as new options come to our attention. If you have questions about what resources might help you, please reach out.

Northwest Social Services

Local meals, food banks, housing/shelters, showers/laundry, health, and community centers.

Solid Ground

​Solid Ground connects people with resources to help them stabilize housing, access healthy food, and build stronger futures for themselves and their families. Solid Ground publishes The Resource Wire every week which includes: jobs, housing, health care resources, social services and community events (sign-up here).

Aurora Commons

​A welcoming space for our unhoused neighbors to rest, prepare a meal, connect to resources, and collectively create a healthy and vibrant community.

Reduced Cost Services Guide

This guide from WA State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) has resources for reduced costs on many social and health services, including: internet, telephone, utilities, transportation, medical/pharmacy/dental, retail and farmers markets, museums, parks, zoos, and gyms.