What to expect

The Giving Room food bank is a grocery-store-style space where guests can shop for free groceries and personal items. 


On Monday mornings we welcome guests inside to check-in, select refrigerated and frozen items from a menu, then choose fresh produce, and browse the shelves for dry goods and hygiene items while cold items are packed. We follow the Food Lifeline Consumption Guidelines for the foods we offer. Guests are provided a number at check-in which we will use for shopping turns. We allow up to four guests to shop at one time to give each guest space for shopping. We clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces regularly. Masks are currently optional as WA state has lifted the COVID-19 mask mandate.

For those with special mobility needs, there is a ramp leading to the entry on N Northgate Way. To access the pantry, there is an accessible entry at the east side of the building off the alley.

Code of Conduct

The Giving Room is intended to be a safe space for all of us. By entering this space, you are committing to uphold The Giving Room Code of Conduct. Not following these guidelines may result in a ban from The Giving Room. 

  1. Respect others and building property.
  2. No violence, no threats, no weapons.
  3. Follow quantity guidelines for food items.



The Giving Room food bank assures that no discrimination (denial of benefits in activities or operations) will be made based on a person’s race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity (including gender expression), sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, familial / parental status, income  including income derived from a public assistance program, political ideology, military or veteran status, reprisal or retaliation for prior civil rights activity.


Respect here means that we will show you courtesy and care for your well-being. We expect that all who visit will treat the staff, building, and other guests this way. Disrespectful actions will be addressed and may result in a ban from The Giving Room. Examples of ways to respect others and the building:

  • Be courteous to others waiting to enter (eg, no line holding or saving spots).
  • Speak kindly to all.
  • Sign in for your household only.
  • Shop for your household only and follow the quantity guidelines.
  • Give others adequate space for waiting or shopping.
  • Use the building property in intended ways (eg, park in designated areas, return shopping carts, no bathing in the bathroom, dispose of trash in receptacles, do not take what is not being freely given).


The Giving Room staff does not deliver or offer drive-thru grocery pick up.


If you had an emergency on Monday that prevented you from coming during open hours, a ready-made emergency bag may be available at the church office Tuesday–Thursday, 9am–4pm. We recommend calling in advance to check availability (206) 552-9586. 


Due to potential allergies, no rolling or smoking cigarettes.


Pets or service animals must be on leashes controlled by the owner. Staff reserves the right to ask you to take your animal outside if it is causing a disturbance.

Do you have any questions about something not covered here? Contact us and we’ll help you out.

If you would like to know more about what to expect as a volunteer, please visit the volunteer page.

Getting there

The Giving Room is hosted at Epic Life Church in “The Axis” building, which is at the corner of N Northgate Way and Stone Ave N—just two blocks east of Aurora Ave N.

Enter on the south side of the building, off Northgate Way.

The Rapid Ride E Line and Route 40 buses stop nearby, and you can plan your trip at the King County Metro Trip Planner.